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<<How to Play>>

Standard Mode"Drop Out"
When you start the game, there are some candies called "TARGET DROPS" in the area that is like a tinbox(playfield).
You must lead the "TARGET DROPS" to the hole and finally let them fall into the hole by tilting or shaking your iPhone (iPodTouch).

There are two kinds of the "TARGET DROPS".

The Rules
The time you clear the each stage and whole 30 stages will be counted.

Challenge Mode
If you clear all the 30 stages, you get the status to play the "Challenge Mode".
In this mode, you must clean all the candies in the playfield within the time limit.

Stage Select
You can play any stage that you have cleared.

<<The Obstacles>>
If you advance the stages, some obstacle characters(not candies) appear.
If you let "THE DROP BOMB" fall into the hole, you lose the game and must restart from the current stage. "THE FLIPPER" is the item that moves against the gravity.
You can use it to support your mission.
If you let the "TARGET DROP" or "THE DROP BOMB" fall into "THE BAD HOLE", you lose the game.
<<Introduction of the stage>>
5 Stages constitute 1 area. There are 6 areas(all 30 stages).
"Challenge Mode"
"Stage Select"
"If you let the drop bomb fall..."

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